Japan has one of the largest maritime industries and the largest electronics industries - and we bring them together with our 3rd Digital Ship Tokyo event in August.

There's plenty of new electronics which could add value to shipping - from robotic underwater hull cleaning equipment, to more advanced sensors taking advantage of the improving satellite communications bandwidth, to drones and improved navigation systems. Also, advanced tools to offer support to seafarers, from guidance to full autonomy. As well as new ways to improve environmental performance.

The electronics also need to integrate well with other systems, and digital systems integration is a field where Japan excels.

At Digital Ship Maritime CIO Forum, Tokyo we'll look at the state of the art in these fields - and how it helps the shipping industry achieve its fundamental aims of safety and efficiency.

Call for speakers - we would like to hear from shipping company employees in Japan with interesting stories to tell about how they use digital technology to add value, or opinions about how it can best be used. Please contact conference producer Vaida Stockunaite to discuss further on vaida@thedigitalship.com